Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Long time no see.

Sorry for not posting anything for a while we were busy stealing faces. Although we didn't get to many faces that will sell so i guess we get to keep them all. Not to mention the fact that we had to deal with Cyclops taking his glasses off again! I mean seriously when will he learn. Well this is just a short update until next time good sirs. :)


Sunday, 26 August 2012


Well judging by the title I do believe we are going to talk about music. To be more specific i want to talk about vocaloid a band made up of non-existent people I mean that is fine and all but it gets a bit awkward when you have a crush on one...I mean really when you start to say things like ' I love them they are so cool' and then you realize that they are not even real. On the other hand when you say it about real people you might sound less insane. ;)

Anyway i have a question for you guys.
If you had a band what would you name it? What type of music would you play? And last but not least what would you name your very first album?

Saturday, 25 August 2012


The outdoors is realy nice but sometimes it can be really annoying. Like those times when it rains for weeks and then there is sun! And you think, YES, SUN!!!!!!!!! And then it rains, anyway. Or when it's a super sunny and warm day and you look up and see a few clouds and all of a sudden it's pouring down rain and thunder and lightning. On the other hand it's really nice when it's a really hot day but you have a lot of wind. The main point of this was to prove that she controls water, and I control wind.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Rick Mercer

Just watched the longest Rick Mercer Report that I have ever seen... Him talking with Americans about Canada. They need to learn more about us. Apparently, we just put a dome over our National Igloo. There is a Saskatchewan Invasion, the Russians don't like Saskatchewan very much. Well, that's not as bad as him asking if we should bomb Saskatchewan. There is a polar bear hunt in Toronto. And a lot more of stupid things that Americans believe. We also just listened to a song called I Am Canadian. BEST SONG EVER!!!

Adventure Time! with *drum roll* COOL KIDS

We went to the store. It was the most amazing adventure of my life... LOLJK. So, we decided our futures on the way there. I am going to have a husband and he is going to die in a tragic accident. I will have eight children named Lydia, Lana, Sarah, Bialik, David, Nicholas, Quentin, Xavier. And I'm going to be a serial killer named Lime George. My associate is going to have too many kids to count so we will just name a few, Quincy, Conrard, Wolfram, Kain, and Ciel. She is going to be a profiler and will be the only person that I will allow to catch me. Her name will be Agent Black-Hill. She is going to be the Reid of the profilers ( Criminal Minds... WATCH IT). S'MORES!!!!!
Cyclops was also with us... But he wasn't allowed to take off his glasses. No more mooses suffered.


If you lived in New York would you own a hotdog stand? What would it be called? What would your signature hotdog be? Would you yell at people? (We would)


Everyone has a different face. But they all taste pretty much the same. Clearly, you know that we don't eat the faces all the time though. We just take them and put them in picture frames and hang them up. Occasionally, we do witchcraft with the faces and sometimes we sell them in the black market. They don't always sell for very much though. But when they do, we get money.